Youghal Pipe Band "Keep It Going" GoFundMe 2020

Why we need to raise funds?

Youghal Pipe Band one of Ireland’s oldest Pipe Bands, celebrating 106 years in existence this year, Youghal Pipe Band (YPB) was founded back in 1914 by the late Danny ‘Duis’ McCarthy.

Duis had a vision back then to ensure the band would stay together and parade the streets of Youghal, forever! His mantra was “Keep It Going”, no matter what!

Duis’s words were never so true as they are during this pandemic, we must “Keep It Going” The band is now on its 4th Generation of McCarthy Band Leader with Duis’s Great Grandson, Michael McCarthy, the current leader of the band.

Highlights of the band to date are, to name but a few:

  • Representing Ireland in the Interceltique Festival in Lorient France for 3 years was one of the big ones
  • Launching our First CD and Book to mark our centenary in 2014
  • Great success has been had throughout the band’s history, winning many competitions up and down the country.
  • Youghal Pipe Band also had the honour of representing our town and country in The World Pipe Band Championships many times and getting to the finals in 2016 was our biggest achievement.

One of our favorite annual events is to play for the people of Youghal for the St. Patrick’s day Parade and, most recently, our annual concert where people get to hear music that they would not normally hear us play down on the street.

Youghal Pipe Band always makes an effort to accommodate anyone looking for the band, we might not always have a full band available due to work and family commitments but we will always try to get at least one piper to attend weddings, funerals, birthdays, sporting events or festivals and we never charge local organisations for appearances.

We are delighted to say the band is as strong as ever and currently has its highest member number, with over 40 members.

If Duis could see us now! “Keeping It Going”.

Please Donate

Raffle Prizes

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, everybody who donates will be put into a draw with a chance of winning one of our fabulous prizes listed below including everyone who bought a draw ticket for our cancelled 2020 concert.

To call on the words of the great man himself, Danny ‘Duis’ McCarthy, help us to “Keep It Going”.

Thanking you all in advance and with warmest regards.

All at Youghal Pipe Band

Why we need to raise funds?

Incredible generosity has been shown by the people of Youghal throughout the years and without this support there simply would be no Youghal Pipe Band. We are the people’s band and rely solely on donations from the public each year, from our annual concert, church gate collections, flag day and a council grant that we are very grateful for, but it barely covers the insurance each year. With the current restrictions most of these avenues of funding have been unavailable to us this year, and for the foreseeable future.

Youghal Pipe Band has survived attacks by the Black and Tans, storms, floods and recessions, and we will survive this too but only with your help. For 106 years we have played far and wide for our community, and we want to be here in another 106 years, doing exactly the same. This GoFundMe event will be our only fundraiser for this year, and we know that times are hard for everyone right now but anything you can spare will be mostly gratefully received. Let there be no doubt, Youghal Pipe Band’s very survival depends on this fundraiser.

To give you some idea of what we need the money for and how any funds raised will be spent we have made a list of our costs each year:

  • Insurance – €350 per year
  • Electricity – €600 per year
  • Heating – €500 per year
  • General Maintenance – €1100 per year
  • Concert Material( advertising , tickets, posters, sound system ) – €1250 per year
  • Pipe maintenance: reeds , drones , bags, tuners – €1800 per year
  • Drum maintenance: drum heads , sticks – €600 per year
  • Uniforms – €2000 per year.


As we currently stand we are short the following just to bring the band up to strength:

  • 5 Full uniforms for members – €5000
  • 4 side drums – €3000
  • 10 sets of pipes (approx) need to be upgraded or replaced – €15000.
  • Rain gear for 40 members – €2000
  • New flooring for the Band-room – €1300
  • External maintenance of the Band-room – €500

What your donation will buy?

  • €10 – 1 x pair of sock garters
  • €20 – 1 x set of drum sticks
  • €50 – 1 x set of rain gear
  • €100 – 1 x set of drone reeds
  • €500 – 1 x side drum
  • €1000 – 1 x complete uniform set
  • €1500 – 1 x set of bagpipes

About Youghal Pipe Band

Youghal Pipe Band are one of the longest existing pipe bands in Ireland. Founded in 1914 by Danny (Duis) McCarthy.

On our website you will find here info on our History, a Gallery of pictures from past to present, a News section covering the latest news and topics about band recitals and outings, trips away and general news on the band.

Please check-out our Audio page where you will find radio interviews, documentaries and a wise selection of other audio files. On our Video Gallery page you will find all our annual concert videos, street parades and historical videos from past to present.

We have an online Shop where you can support the band by purchasing our merchandise.

Thanks to our sponsors & supporters. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Youghal Pipe Band

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